The Ecologist

Whose land is it anyway?

The new telescope is to be built within a 500-acre (2.0 km2) ‘Astronomy Precinct’, inside the Mauna Kea Science Reserve. The Precinct was established in 1967 on land protected by the Historical Preservation Act for its significance to Hawaiian culture.

Mauna Kea is designated as part of the Crown and Government lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom – lands that have been effectively annexed by the US Government, as Professor Williamson PC Chang, from the University of Hawaii’s Richardson School of Law, explains:

“The United States bases its claim to the Crown and Government land of the Hawaiian Kingdom on the 1898 Joint Resolution of Congress, but that resolution has no power to convey the lands of Hawaii to the US … they just seized it.”

Kealoha also refused to accept the validity of the US’s claim to ownership of sovereign Hawaiian land, saying,

“Show us the title!”

If the so-called ‘Treaty of Annexation’ exists, that would be proof that Hawaiian Kingdom citizens gave up sovereignty and agreed to be part of the United States 121 years ago.

But we know that no such document exists. The so-called ‘state’ does not have jurisdiction over Mauna Kea or any other land in Hawaii that it illegally leases out to multi-national interests.”

via Native Hawaiians protest ‘sacred mountain’ telescope – The Ecologist.

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