Hawaii Kingdom protesters stop ground breaking for world’s biggest telescope

This is a small part of the untold true story of the first successful attempt to ever stop a groundbreaking on Mauna Kea…


Full coverage from Big Island Video News

The fact that Hawaiian scholars and activists are currently petitioning different U.S. government authorities and international bodies over possible war crimes concerning the illegal use of Hawaiian lands raises sensitive issues beyond the future construction of the Thirty Meter telescope.

… public and state lands belong to the Kingdom which is under illegal occupation by the U.S., and cannot be developed without applying international law concerning the use of occupied territories. Petitions have been filed with a number of international bodies including the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Criminal Court, and different United Nations organizations to implement international law over the use of occupied Hawaiian territory.

Here is how Big Island News describe the eventual cancellation of the ceremony after up to a hundred Hawaii Kingdom protesters blocked the road to the summit:

“Fearing the ceremony would be crashed at any moment, organizers hurried to start the program, and break ground as fast as they could. That’s when Lanakila Mangauil stormed the TMT site. He ran up to the summit, in his bare feet, to halt the groundbreaking. Mangauil managed to hold off the ceremony about 20 minutes, by himself, as supporters made their way up. TMT officials tried to push forward with the groundbreaking, even with Lanakila standing in protest. Kahu Akaka began his blessing, but soon another interruption. Before long, the songs of several more protesters filled the air. The Thirty Meter Telescope officials called it a day. Dignitaries packed up and went home. The protesters stayed to make sure no ground would be broken. And they helped clean up the empty chairs.”

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