10/5 Waimea, Hawaii Chant Practice for 10/7 Protest on Mauna Kea


There is a chant practice scheduled for next Sunday, Oct 5 at the Thelma Parker gym at 10:00 am, all welcome especially those who are on island who couldnʻt make it to the 9/28 orientation. If you would like more information and you are not on my email list, please email me at puacase@hawaiiantel.net and Iʻll send you the information for the 7th. me ke aloha everyone, keep strong, all is maikaʻi! pua.

We are putting out the word of course for anyone who is interested to come to the chant practice but if cannot we will begin on Oct 7th all together to present the united lokahi and aloha expectations and guidelines. We will be acquiring details of ground breaking so that we can put out times to be there, we have not received as of this time. Anyone can invite others to come and be a part of it noting that this will be organized as a sacred stance in support of the mauna.. All are welcome so please feel free to spread the word!

Thelma Parker Gym

Waimea, Hawaii County, Hawaii 96743
FB event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/384066725074439/
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